Token overview

  • Token code


  • Total Supply


  • Circulating Supply


  • Token burn


  • Token freeze

    10,000,000 (1 year)

    • Public Crowdsale

      70% maximum allocation to investors through entire crowdsale with burn of unsold

    • Community Venture Fund

      10% allocated to a community venture fund, the use of which is voted on by investors

    • Development Team

      10% allocated to the development team (frozen by contract for 1 year)

    • Bounty Program

      5% allocated to bounty program for community engagement

    • Security Bonus

      5% allocated to reward program for users who increase the security of the platform

    • Platform Development

      Used for further development and expansion of the platform. This will enhance scalability and the number of features which will be offered on initial launch.

    • Security

      Allocated to increase the security of the platform. LocalCoinSwap offers trading in a large variety of digital assets. To protect against all possible threats multiple layers of redundancy have been implemented in wallet systems, and security critical processes abstracted to separate servers. A large allocation of crowdsale revenue towards security will provide users assurance that LocalCoinSwap is a safe platform on which to trade.

    • Business Development & Marketing

      For business development, marketing & advertising. LocalCoinSwap will implement broad marketing & advertising strategies to increase the user base of the platform upon launch. These strategies are refined and focused campaigns based on the data and analytics gathered during the Cryptoshare issuance.

    • Coin Addition

      Allocated exclusively for the addition of new coins. LocalCoinSwap aims to provide the maximum diversity of trading options upon launch and will hire dedicated staff solely to investigate and implement new cryptocurrencies.

    • Administration

      Allocated for administration costs incurred during the final development of the platform.